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My name is Christina Handley and I am the President of Allegheny Aquatic Alliance. My husband, Mike (Vice President) and I are outdoor enthusiasts and avid kayakers. We enjoy being immersed in the pure beauty of nature. Over the past few years, we have noticed a huge difference in the quality of the waterways that we float in. We have seen first-hand the incredible amount of physical pollution consuming our once natural, healthy waters. Waste and garbage line the shorelines and collect in the beds of some of our most important waterways. Aquatic species that have existed for millions of years are becoming extinct. Native fish species now cannot survive in their own habitat. This drastic change was horribly shocking but opened our eyes to the real conditions of our local waters. We were inspired and spent the past few years educating ourselves to the current threats facing our water. We learned that throughout the last decade, our water has been abused and neglected. Acts that were put in place in the 1970’s to restore the polluted state of our most precious resource, such as the Clean Water Act have been forgotten. New known threats of nonpoint source pollution, increased plastic waste, continued reliance on dirty energy, and overproduction of harmful toxic chemicals that are now ingredients in almost everything that we buy have once again poisoned our water. Unfortunately, the critical state of this resource hasn’t been addressed and each year we come closer to a global water shortage crisis. Now knowing what we know, we realize that we can no longer live with our eyes shut. Action needs to be taken! This is what inspired us to form Allegheny Aquatic Alliance so we may educate others to what we know and work to restore our water to its beautiful, healthy state. Otherwise life on our planet, our home will be in jeopardy.

 Allegheny Aquatic Alliance’s Executive Committee Members

Christina Handley, President

Michael Handley, Vice President & Treasurer

David Hamilton, Project Manager

Rip Davis: Program Engineer

Tracey Hughes: Secretary & Program Administrator

Jeff Kline: Project Engineer

Sara McKinley: Media & Event Promotion

Jesse Martin: Project Mechanic


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