Pick That Up
Our program that promotes clean waterways by implementing local community river/creek and roadside clean-up projects, such as The Connoquenessing Creek Cleanup Project.


5th Connie Creek Cleanup. Team Shake N Bake, Harmony

Pass It On
Our program that promotes community education and awareness of our critical water issues by setting up informational booths at local community events, organizing workshops and seminars, and encouraging citizens to spread water awareness to others.   DSC07761

Float On                                                                                                                                                   Our program that promotes community engagement in the outdoors and on our waterways by developing public canoe launches on local waterways. We then organize floats using these accesses. We feel that people who enjoy engaging in our natural resources will work to protect them.


Renfrew Canoe Launch, Launchapalooza 2016


Bringing Nature Back                                                                                                                  Our program to reinstate the organic environment by restoring developed or abandoned land back to its natural state. This is achieved by planting native tree and plant species in these areas and allowing nature to flourish.   2009-2010 127

Plastics Polluting our Planet
Our program designed to eliminate the impacts of plastics in our waterways by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution, organizing litter clean-ups, advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics, and promoting the recycling and reusing of all plastics.    boc

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